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Patricia Engeler






Reception at Agora Gallery, New York, US

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2013  Reception "LITTLE treasures" International Art Exhibition, Galleria Dé Marchi, Bologna / Italy

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2012 Reception in Golf Club, Lipperswil



2011 The paintings were made by order of an architecture company.


2010 Wall Work



2009 Work in Winkel, Zürich


2008 Reception in Tertianium „Friedau“, Frauenfeld 



2007 Reception in Alten Kaserne, Wallisellen


2006 Work in Kefikon



2006 "Fully harmonic and cheerfulness paints", Thurgauer Zeitung, 02.12.2006 (PDF)                                            
     Patricia Engeler calls her window-pictures which give views
     over seas, fields or mountains, "overviews". Although
     some of her works show many fragmented lookouts with
     different point of views, they joint themselves to a
     harmonic panorama. "The emphasis on my paining
     style are in the harmony of the colors and forms",
     said the artist. "Painting do to her soul well".

     Thurgauer Zeitung / Dezember 2006


2006 Frauenfelder Woche, 14.12.2006 (PDF)



2006 Thurgauer Nachrichten, 30.11.2006 (PDF)

     "Things of the hearth: Painting"
     "Pure pleasure in Painting" Her main theme is water.
     Something from everyday and completely banal,
     which can be represented in different styles,
     like for example naturalistic or abstract.
     "When painting we can express our joy of life or
     any other emotion"."A constant line is very important,
     each begun picture will be finished sooner or later,
     even if it can take months."

                                   Thurgauer Nachrichten / November 2006



2006 Reception in „Stadtgalerie Baliere“, Frauenfeld



2006 Reception in Alten Kaserne, Wallisellen




2005 "Expressing feelings through paintings" Thurgauer Zeitung, 29.10.2005 (PDF)

"Expressing feelings through paintings" 
This way Patricia Engeler expresses her feelings on generously arranged oil paintings.
Under the motto IBIZA, she shaped paintings using strong colors to revel her significant work,
focused on the essentials". Through my paintings, I would like to express the meaning of the to-be,
which I see with my eyes, and which I feel in my heart" she said. This way she weaves her feelings
and observationsto an enjoyable and absolute picture.

Thurgauer Zeitung / Oktober 2005


2005 Frauenfelder Woche, 03.11.2005 (PDF)



2005 Thurgauer Nachrichten, 03.11.2005 (PDF)



2005 Reception in „Stadtgalerie Baliere“, Frauenfeld





Ibiza has a magical touch.
The small Balearic Islands
has a completely own character and charm. The
blue sea, the red earth,
rock coasts, innumerable small bays, smelling pine forests, snow-white houses and the calmness of their inhabitants. The seawater
and the excellent weather
will give us an unforgettable experience .Nobody can
easily elude from the
charm of the Island.




2004 "See and listen: In just a minute, one can experience a lot"", Thurgauer Zeitung (PDF)

     "See and listen: In just a minute, one can experience a lot"
     This was the way how she created one of her large nature paintings.
     Produced whilelistening to music, nearby the river along the Thurweg."
     "Patricia Engeler predominantly works with the subject matter water.
     She wants to pass on her positive way of life to the viewer. Besides
     her object painting she goes one step beyond towards subtractions
     from naturalism, by translating her water landscapes to elemental
     colors of work of art"

     Thurgauer Zeitung / November 2004


2004 Frauenfelder Woche, (PDF)



2004 Reception in Galerie zur Baliere, Frauenfeld




My Thur paintings ideas were collected during several trips with my family on foot, by Bike or by boat.






2002 "Messages of her inner satisfaction", Thurgauer Zeitung  (PDF)

     "Water is always moving and therefore so fascinating.
     Therefore she deals with the element water and her
     paintings are exposed to this vast topic area.
     The wind sways the reeds into the water; water
     creeks run down the mountains, houses are reflected
     on the lake waters as small swabs of colors or waves
     striking to the lonely coast. Meaningful oil paintings from
     Patricia Engeler are full of harmony and irradiate
     pleasant peace.

     "Maya Heizmann, Thurgauer Zeitung /  November 2002


2002 "Sehnsucht nach dem Amazonas", Thurgauer Tagblatt  (PDF)

     "A rich Fantasy and an unrestrained urge to pictorial
     expression, is what can be expected by a visitor of
     Patricia Engeler's oil paintings from Kefikon"...
     "Engeler`s work breathe southern nostalgia.
     Impressive water studies show movement, vortex,
     reflection and light with much energy and the enthusiasm
     that resulted in discovering new styles for herself and
     which will continue to discover new ones."...

     M. Preisser, Redaktor Ressort Kultur Thurgauer Tag Blatt / November 2002


2002 Reception in Galerie zur Baliere, Frauenfeld



2002  „Vielfalt Heimischen Werkens“ Olivia Cortesi, Thurgauer Zeitung, (PDF)



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