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Patricia Engeler


patricia engeler   Patricia Engeler
Born on January 26, 1968
in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

I have been living in
Switzerland since 1989.
  Painting Courses
Creative Painting for seniors
Perlavita AG Friedau, Frauenfeld

I have worked with many different methods and materials, and in a range of styles, focusing on diverse subjects and themes. Yet I have found that my favorite subject is water, and my chosen techniques are oil and mixed media. I love the ever-changing nature of water, and its beauty and simplicity.

In general I work without preliminary sketches, simply drawing on my years of studying water and how it works, and the things I have seen, as well as some products of my own imagination. The strong basis in observation is important to my work – abstraction cannot exist without naturalism. For me, art is a process of artistic and personal development, of which the paintings are the product.
My motto when painting is that ‘less is more.’ I avoid excess, concentrating instead on the essential and on the things we cannot see – the atmosphere, the feeling – though never reaching total minimalism. I paint subjects that make me happy, in the way that water fills me with joy and fascination. I try to convey my positivity, my peace and my inner joy, so that my colorful message can give the viewer the feeling that the simplest things are full of true beauty.


1987 – 1989   Visual Arts and Design School University: "UniverCidade" Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2001 - 2010   Atelier/ Painting Art School Vreni Kauth, Frauenfeld, Switzerland
2002 – 2003   Courses: drawing, painting, and body form from artist Johannes Kaufmann, Austria
2002 - 2006   Courses: drawing, painting, body forms, theory of colors and Workshops
from artist Vreni Kauth, Frauenfeld, Switzerland
2006   Course: portrait painting from artist Heinz Kirchmair, Austria
2012   Academy of fine arts Bad Reichenhall, Germany



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